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Free Keylogger


Version: 5.5

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: IwantSoft

Works under:Windows 7

Free Keylogger is a program that captures a users keystrokes so that you can check and analyze them. This is often used by parents, suspicious partners and managers to see what others are doing on the program. Not only can you check what other people are typing, but it's also simple to hide the program in the background.

Robust Controls

Free Keylogger might be free, but the tools are quite robust. You can choose to log every keystroke or ones at specific days or times. You have many options to ensure that you're getting the information that you're looking for.

Hiding the Program

A keylogger only works if the user doesn't know it's there. This will ensure you capture their unadulterated use. If they know the program is there, then they will likely change their browsing behavior. To that extent, hiding this program is very easy and you can even set your own hotkey combination to hide and reveal the program. Be sure to select several keys that aren't commonly used together to keep the program hidden.

Save to Hard Drive

Once the keylogger is finished, the transcript will be saved to your hard drive. This makes it easy to see what the other person was typing and doing on the computer. You can see if they were doing anything wrong or suspicious. The files will remain on the hard drive even if the key logger is discovered and uninstalled, which makes it easy to retrieve the information you're looking for.


  • Simple to customize recording intervals
  • All keystrokes are saved to the hard drive
  • Set custom hotkeys to hide and reveal the program


  • Other users will be angry if they are monitored without their consent
  • There's a chance someone may hit your custom hotkey by mistake and reveal the program